What do you think of when you hear the word 'grey'? Elephants? Breeze blocks? The weather?... Lets face it, it's not a colour you would instantly associate with weddings. However grey is fast becoming the sophisticated colour choice amongst many Brides today.

I love grey. It has such a subtle elegance to it. And if you have ever been lucky enough to receive one of our bouquets, you may well have had it wrapped in grey tissue. It certainly has an understated charm and allows our blooms to do the talking!

Many big name designers in the wedding industry are introducing grey into their fabric palates, and it is our jobs to select the perfect flowers to complement this beautiful colour.

It is surprising to find that so many colour ways sit so well with grey. A popular choice is a rich combination of lilacs and purples. There are so many flowers in this hue... ranging from the deep purples of the vulcan deep violet Eustoma, to the palest, almost faded lilac of the Ocean Spray Rose... Beautiful enough to stand alone but simply exquisite when married together with a splash of green.

As much as I love the lavenders and lilacs it is a very 'safe' choice. For Brides wishing to push the boundaries that little bit further, we would champion yellow! It is such a lively, bold colour which would introduce a splash of vibrancy to your wedding day. Again there are blooms we can source from the boldest cobolt yellows of the glorious Sunflowers and 'Solar Flare' Calla Lilies, to the softest pale lemon of 'Elina' Tea Rose which would look sensational next to your grey dress. 

My favourite by far would have to be a mass of candy hues... the pastel shades of candy floss pinks, peaches and greens. The 'Edinburgh Rock' coloured blooms mix so well and look spectacular against the grey palate of your chosen dress. Sweet Avalanche roses, Cezanne roses, Peach Oceana roses all combined would make a phenomenal statement for your bridal bouquet and if we then add more blowsy blooms into the mix, perhaps a handful of Sweet Peas and Peonies (season depending), your bouquet would be, to put it plainly, simply beautiful. 

I know I've said it before and I'll bet the bank I'll say it again, but the soft shades, pink in particular, have such romantic tones to them, and for a truly magical, grey wedding, combine your pale hues with pewter chalice bowls and candelabras for your decadent table decorations. Your guests will be wowed!!!

Whether its smoke, sliver, pewter, gunmetal, charcoal or slate you choose there are plenty of flower choices out there for you. Ask your florist what shades best suit your chosen hue... You'll be surprised at the choice available to you! 

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