As far as elegant, chic weddings go, the French seem to have it covered. They do elegance effortlessly well. Just look to their leading fashion houses and world recognised design gurus... Chanel, Yves Saint Laurant and of course my favourite, Christian Louboutin!! They seem to get it right every time, so why not look to our French neighbours to inspire your special day.

Think pearls, crystals and lace combined with ruffles, silks and indulgent fabrics. Think loose curls pinned up into a chignon. Think romantic, iconic tree lined promenades and stylish cars. They all form the perfect Parisian wedding!

For a truly Parisian inspired look for your floral needs I would suggest you stick to pastel shades (although maybe with exception of red roses, for a truly decadent touch, perhaps an autumn/winter wedding! - This would look spectacular!)

The humble rose, although traditionally perceived as an English choice, should form the basis of the floral design. - The beautiful, infinate ruffles look so pretty, especially if combined with other more blowsy flower forms, perhaps double eustomas, lilacs or florets of hydrangea and creamy green guelder roses. Sweet groupings of freesias nestled among your arrangements would create the most beautiful scent to accompany your big day! Brooches, pearls and crystals could feature also, perhaps adorning the binding ribbon of your bouquet and transforming it into something really special and indulgent.

For brides wishing for a more contemporary Parisian feel I would strongly suggest a masse of white blooms and stick to one flower type. The simplistic design philosophy 'less is more' relates to this theme. Choose one pure white bloom and commit to it... A mass of pure white Dolomiti roses or Akito roses would look sophisticated and elegant. The utter simplistic Calla lily 'Crystal Blush' would work a dream also.

Be careful when deciding on your wedding day theme... for it to be a true success and give the overall look you want it to, you must follow it through to every aspect of your day. From the invites, to the dress, to the cake, to the flowers, to the favours... I could go on! This particular theme is pure romance, the embodiment of sophistication. It's something really special that I'm sure your guests will remember for a long time... I know I would.

I will of course be blogging about other wedding day themes in the coming few months but until then do give this one some serious thought. C'est très beau!

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  1. Another fantastic post Stephanie! Your expertise really shines through here, and I love the way you have written it. The Parisian theme is just beautiful and I will look forward to seeing your next lot of inspiration. Kate x

  2. Ah thank you Kate. You really do speak so kindly of my work... Its lovely to hear such positive feedback. I am so please you agree that the Parisian theme is such a lovely choice. It'll be a hard one to beat but I love researching new trends in bridal flowers! Thanks again Kaitie... Its because of lovely people like you I find it in me to publish such material. Thank you Kaitie x


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