As this is my very first post on my brand new blog I thought I'd start at the very beginning...

I love flowers, I always have and I always will. I love them so much I decided to devote my professional life to them. I love how they pick you up when you're feeling down, how they spread joy and always put a smile on the face of the lucky recipient, how they say sorry, or thank you, or I love you. They are an expression that words sometimes can't say... Flowers are natures way of telling us that the Earth is smiling!

I often get asked, by Brides struggling to find inspiration, what flowers I would choose for my wedding day. This question poses quite a dilemma. I am yet to get engaged so have never sat down and truly thought about it seriously. Of course I have grown up with this picture perfect idea of abundant blooms and extravagant displays but I have never even considered what I would really choose.

I work so hard to transform every couples wedding day flower ideas into their perfect backdrops to their celebrations. Whatever colours or blooms they choose I can't help but see the beauty each different type of flower holds. And after spending some time deliberating about my own wedding day flowers I think I can safely say I would choose soft pink for the signature hue. It is just so romantic... the absolute epitome of girly elegance!

However, because there are so many exquisite flowers in this shade, this is the part that makes it so difficult!

I love Peonies... Their blousy, fluffy heads can't fail to make me smile. Even on the dullest day (and lets face it, theres been quite a few of them lately) they bring sunshine into my life. They are so ridiculously girly, I defy anyone not to love them! I'd combine them with the Sweet Akito Rose, - a gorgeous hue of pale pink, and delicate heads of Sweet Peas in the softest hue of pink. I think all three combined would make the ultimate bouquet for me!... But I must stress that point... Every wedding day is different and my ultimate wedding bouquet might differ considerably from yours. It is such an personal decision to make.

Brides... before your consultations with your chosen florist do take some time to visualise the perfect backdrop to your wedding day. What do you like? What flowers are significant to you?... But should you need some inspiration do sit tight... I'll be blogging some more inspirational ideas soon!

With thanks to:
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