Planning a wedding or any large scale event can be a very time consuming business... Dresses, flowers, venues, cars, menus, stationary, photography, videographers... The list sometimes seems endless. There is so much to think about, to make your day the picture perfect wedding you had always dreamed it would be!

Unfortunately I can't advise on all of your decisions but I can guide you through choosing a good florist, and what to look out for!..

Be Organised
As a general rule of thumb you should be looking to book your florist about a year (or as close as) in advance. The best florists tend to get snapped up by super organised people, so get in early and book a consultation. Remember consultations should be no obligation. A florist cannot hold you to any agreement before a deposit is taken to secure the date.

Your Vision
Try to have in mind a good idea of your perfect flower choice or at least colour. If you go to a consultation with this in mind it is far easier for the florist to decipher the perfect design for you. Without it, it could turn into an hour of guessing what it is you like. Try to collect images of arrangements you like. Pinterest (an online pin board) is an amazing way of doing this!

When you meet with potential florists you will know when you have found the perfect match for you as their passion for flowers and design will shine through. I get excited by the thought of all new commissions and fresh challenges, and when a Bride comes to me with a more unusual colourway or theme my design skills get tested and for me thats exciting. I love to meet new Brides and combine their ideas into something they'll love. If your florist looks bored or distracted during your consultation  its a sign they may not be the florist for you.

The finer details
...they say a lot! The first point of call is usually their website. This is the tool us floral designers use to advertise what we can do and how we view things. The look of their website says an awful lot... it reflects their work. I spent hours with the lovely (and patient) Kaitie at Leaff design (my design company) thinking through the layout and concept of my website, logo, promotional cards and teeny tiny details... I care so much about what things look like and if they aren't 100% perfect I'm not 100% happy. If you look at your potential florist's websites and it looks like an 'it'll do' job, this could be an attitude to their work.

Have in mind a realistic maximum amount you want to spend on your wedding day flowers - this will remove any unpleasant shocks when you get your quote through. The average wedding flower spend is around 10% of your overall wedding budget. - a £20,000 wedding ought to think about a £2,000 flower fund and so on! If you have a smaller budget have a realistic list of requirements. In these cases stick to the main components - Bridal and bridesmaids bouquets, buttonholes and perhaps a top table arrangement. This will keep the quality that wedding flowers should have yet keep the budget small enough!

Enjoy the process
Remember that planning a wedding should be an enjoyable experience too! Flowers are a joy and can't fail to make someone happy. Do not let it stress you out. The correct florist for you should make the whole process as enjoyable as possible for you... they should listen carefully and go out of their way to give you what you want (or as close to it as possible). Unfortunately we can't magic up Peonies in April or give you Lily of the Valley in November but we can think through the best possible alternatives that will make you happy!

I do hope this little post helps. If you are planning a wedding and would like to know a little more information or to even book a consultation please do get in touch... We would love to hear from you!

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I thought I'd post an impromptu blog today in the absence of this mondays usual blog post... I took a mini break in sunny Cornwall to have a much needed rest!... Its done the trick... I'm well rested and raring to go!

I've been working so hard recently, what with the launch of my brand new website, wedding quotes and wedding floristry to contend with... and of course my blogs that I love writing. I have also been organising my exhibition at the West Wedding Show, in Bristol.

An awful lot of planning went into my exhibition table. I wanted people to see the beauty that flowers bring to tables... They aren't just a decoration, they are a necessity! And with the help of the lovely Kate at Lavender and Linen we styled a table I would be honoured to have at my own wedding!!!

I decided to use the David Austin Keira Rose for the basis of the design... I coupled that with some beautiful creamy white Freesias, White Veronica and antique pink Eustoma, with their twisted buds sitting proudly above the bouquet waiting to unfurl. The creamy pink of the Keira Rose was complemented with some 'Pink Champagne'  staged in some beautiful vintage crystal Champagne saucers and bottles, supplied by Lavender and Linen.

The crystal bowl arrangement included just Keira Roses, Freesias and Eustoma. The lighting really does do justice to crystal arrangements. Especially if you were to use candles next to it. It twinkles and glistens and looks ever so romantic. I coupled this arrangement with a single Rose/Freesia combination sitting in a crystal bottle with the stopper staged next to it. Very pretty and effective if you are on a budget yet still wanting to create impact!

I of course had my promotional material to hand for Brides and Grooms to take. The soft muted greeny grey of my cards sat beautifully next to the blush pink colour scheme of the flowers. The overall look was very natural and romantic... Perfect for a wedding show don't you think?

The final flourish was a scattering of Rose petals to soften any hard edges... I received some lovely comments from Brides and mothers of Brides which is so positive. Sometimes its the little finer details that people take note of and help make the bigger picture that little bit more special. 

The numbers on the day were a little disappointing... It was such a beautiful, warm Sunday (so rare these days) so it's not surprising that people were preferring to stay outside. I learned so much from the experience and will be looking forward to my next show... whenever that may be! I'll keep you all informed. Would love to see some of you there!

With thanks to:
  • Lavender and Linen for the beautiful Champagne Saucers and mini Decanters!
  • The lovely Cassie Penticost (my show neighbour) for being so kind and friendly!
  • The flowers and floral design by me Stephanie Saunders!



With Summer in full swing (well... almost), Autumn just around the corner, and a weekend thinking through vintage, hand picked designs for a potential bride, I thought I'd take this weeks inspiration from our garden and all the beauty that comprises it.

I've always loved the pure, natural beauty of the quintessentially English Country garden. Masses of climbing roses... the pungent jasmine with their stunning star-shaped blooms and wayward tendrils... the sublime scent of lavender mounds dotted here and there... the prominent peaks of delphiniums overlooking the full, luscious borders that spill onto the pathway. The overall look is loose, understated and naturally beautiful!

This purely natural look for your flowers can be achieved in a number of ways and can help transform your wedding ideas and musings into day you have always dreamt about!

There is a truly diverse range of flowers cultivated in Britain that combine to make the perfect arrangements for garden or vintage themed weddings. Handpicked blooms of Dahlias, Nigella, Ammi, Veronica, Asters and Anemones... loosely gathered and informally tied with lace ribbon, would make the most perfect bouquet for a vintage Bride. And instead of using formal vases and candelabras use glass pitchers and jam jars holding more loose arrangements. It'll look like they have been freshly picked out of the garden and create the most beautiful ambiance to your reception!

Brides who are after something a little more formal, but are still keen on using natural styled blooms... look no further than the unassuming garden rose. Bouquets and arrangements formed of a mass of these roses look formal and structured yet retain the natural charm that is lusted for... A highly desirable choice would be any variety of the David Austin roses. Each hue is perfectly formed and when combined, it certainly has the wow factor. Have your florist select some soft foliage to complement the grace of the rose... perhaps some Thlaspi or tendrils of jasmine (...this would look amazing) and have it binded with a luxurious silk ribbon and secured with an antique brooch - a beautiful, personal touch that looks spectacular!

Perhaps my personal favourite by far is a combination of both... relaxed meets formal! It creates a wonderful look. Combine your larger garden roses with some informal choices. Veronica would introduce some line to your arrangements, Waxflower also sits beautifully with this form of rose and succeeds in softening the whole look. Eustoma adds a certain charm to this sort of bouquet also. The twisted closed buds sit nicely above the arrangement and champions the handpicked feel. Add a touch of soft foliage to break up the mass of flowers and introduce a little more relaxedness... et voila... there you have the pinnacle of the English Country Garden bouquets (... well in my opinion, that is!)

Aside from the sheer and obvious beauty of this look, it usefully lends itself to a number of colour ways. Dark pinks, blush pinks, creams, peaches, lilacs, magentas... I could go on! And not only does this look stunning in summer, quite a few of the named flowers in this weeks blog post are available all year round and so you could even add a touch of summer to the darkest of winter days!... Pretty fantastic don't you think?

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What do you think of when you hear the word 'grey'? Elephants? Breeze blocks? The weather?... Lets face it, it's not a colour you would instantly associate with weddings. However grey is fast becoming the sophisticated colour choice amongst many Brides today.

I love grey. It has such a subtle elegance to it. And if you have ever been lucky enough to receive one of our bouquets, you may well have had it wrapped in grey tissue. It certainly has an understated charm and allows our blooms to do the talking!

Many big name designers in the wedding industry are introducing grey into their fabric palates, and it is our jobs to select the perfect flowers to complement this beautiful colour.

It is surprising to find that so many colour ways sit so well with grey. A popular choice is a rich combination of lilacs and purples. There are so many flowers in this hue... ranging from the deep purples of the vulcan deep violet Eustoma, to the palest, almost faded lilac of the Ocean Spray Rose... Beautiful enough to stand alone but simply exquisite when married together with a splash of green.

As much as I love the lavenders and lilacs it is a very 'safe' choice. For Brides wishing to push the boundaries that little bit further, we would champion yellow! It is such a lively, bold colour which would introduce a splash of vibrancy to your wedding day. Again there are blooms we can source from the boldest cobolt yellows of the glorious Sunflowers and 'Solar Flare' Calla Lilies, to the softest pale lemon of 'Elina' Tea Rose which would look sensational next to your grey dress. 

My favourite by far would have to be a mass of candy hues... the pastel shades of candy floss pinks, peaches and greens. The 'Edinburgh Rock' coloured blooms mix so well and look spectacular against the grey palate of your chosen dress. Sweet Avalanche roses, Cezanne roses, Peach Oceana roses all combined would make a phenomenal statement for your bridal bouquet and if we then add more blowsy blooms into the mix, perhaps a handful of Sweet Peas and Peonies (season depending), your bouquet would be, to put it plainly, simply beautiful. 

I know I've said it before and I'll bet the bank I'll say it again, but the soft shades, pink in particular, have such romantic tones to them, and for a truly magical, grey wedding, combine your pale hues with pewter chalice bowls and candelabras for your decadent table decorations. Your guests will be wowed!!!

Whether its smoke, sliver, pewter, gunmetal, charcoal or slate you choose there are plenty of flower choices out there for you. Ask your florist what shades best suit your chosen hue... You'll be surprised at the choice available to you! 

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  • Beautiful grey silk dress: featured on 1st dresses 
  • Stunning mixed purple bouquet and candy hues bouquet: featured on Fiori by Lynne blog
  • Bold canary yellow rose bouquet: featured on bouquet bridal blog