With the beautiful, intimate wedding of Justin and Jessica happening in the picture perfect Italian landscape, I decided it's time to delve into what Italy has to offer for floral wedding inspiration.

The Italians epitomise lavish style. Its expensive and indulgent. Their major fashion houses ooze glamour and sophistication. This typical Italian pizazz spills into anything floral regarding 'Weddings'... and they do it ever so well!

If you are wishing to mirror this style into your own wedding flowers it is a lot easier that you'd imagine. The Italians, it would seem, favour creams, ivories, pale peaches and champagne hues. It's very simple choice but extremely effective. You barely see a flash of greenary... all you see are masses and masses of flowers. Its a very generous and liberal floral theme.

If we start off with the all important Bridal bouquet... despite the limited colour pallet there are several options you could go forward with, each as beautiful as each other.  Ivory roses are king here... please don't limit yourself to just these, couple them with peachy vendella roses, blousy flower forms (peonies would look sensational in the summer months) such as Dahlias and a luxury, sporadic dusting of Stephanotis... Utter Italian perfection!!!!!

Alternatively keep to smaller headed flowers and opt for a mix of cream and ivory roses married with Stephanotis. Add a smattering of crystal embellishments and... Questo รจ quanto (there you have it) a flawless Italian bouquet ready to make any Bride thrilled.

To transfer this exorbitant look to your venue decoration you'll need large, showy, impressive displays of flowers... A good mix of high and low arrangements would look exquisite. A sumptuous blend of cream hydrangeas, white akito roses and peach vendella roses arranged in simple glass vase. Its luxurious, elegant and very glamourous. 

I adore the little touches to weddings... the finer details speak volumes and can often make or break a chosen theme. I just had to include these beautiful Italian inspired hair flowers that adorn a loosley touseled look... isn't it beautiful?!?

Whatever the inspiration for your Italian wedding... Venetian, Milano or Tuscan you can recreate a magnificent look full of splendour. I will of course be bringing more inspiration your way very soon but in the meantime do bear this one in mind... La sua bella!

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