When the lovely men in our lives pops that all important question we have been waiting our lives to hear we often seal that with a diamond ring... Why?... Diamonds are a symbol of happiness, beauty and eternal love.. A diamond, ladies, is for life!

It is undoubtedly the most exquisite of things. All made by nature, a pretty fantastic thing don't you think? Why not continue this theme when planning your wedding day and wrap it up beautifully with an iconic white ribbon. Yes darlings... This weeks inspiration is about all things Tiffany's.

No one can fail to recognise the signature bright turquoise box and white ribbon. The simple beauty and elegance of it shouts quality from the rooftops. Is it any wonder that so many Brides are using this icon to plan their wedding day around?

So many ideas are possible - it is far too easy to overdo it! Remember Brides, the turquoise should only be an accent colour. For this reason, (and partly because there are no true blooms in this bright shade, and to dye them would just be sacrilege) I would strongly suggest you stick solely to pure white blooms.

Please do not be afeared. This is far from an 'incipid' choice. A mass of white blooms look so beautifully chic, you cannot fail to make a statement. If you were to then team this with the one thing that Tiffany's is so famous for then you are carrying in your hands the winning combination! Introduce diamonds, any where, any how! My personal choice would be a mass of Dolomiti Roses, the purity of this white Rose would make it the perfect choice. Within the spiraling of the bouquet I would set diamond sprays that would add a touch of sparkle under the subtle lighting of a softly lit church / ceremony room. To bind, I would propose to use the bright turquoise colour in the ribbon with perhaps one or two diamond accessories to embelish and secure with diamond headed pins - WOW... Just perfect!

To carry this theme throughout your day I would suggest the use of crystal candelabras to decorate your guests tablecentres. Upon this already stunning piece use a combination of Stephanotis, more Dolomiti Roses and perhaps a Freesia or two, keeping the foliage to a bare minimum. This would look lavish and expensive... Very Tiffany's. Accompany this with tea lights and lots of them, perhaps scattering faux diamonds (or real, budget depending - now thats a wedding I would love an invite to) among the candles to make the best possible use of the candlelight. Of course each guest and table setting would have their very own Tiffany's box, encapsulating a little treat as a thank you for sharing your day. And the cake... Well the cake could just be amazing. It is truly fabulous what some people can do with sugar these days!

This may not be a theme everyone is keen on, but I hope everyone reading this can understand the unique beauty it can bring to a wedding day.  As with all themes you can go as far as you like with it... you may only want to hint at Tiffany's and the next couple may want to immerse themselves in all things Tiffany's. It is a bold and beautiful choice and can look stunning if the finer details are well done and precise. The colour turquoise on the binding ribbon, for example, must match perfectly with the other turquoise featured, whether thats the bridesmaids dresses, the chair sashes or the favours. The small details say an awful lot and can certainly make or break the theme!

Either way, love it, like it or hate it... Tiffany's has a timeless grace to it. And as the beautiful Marilyn Monroe sang... "square cut or pear shaped, these rocks don't loose their shape, Diamonds are a girls best friend."

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